GSoC brainstorming

Hi Plonistas!

For those of you who were at the Plone Conference in Namur, you might remember I recommended you prepare your GSoC project topics in advance.

Hence, this reminder is not for you, as I am sure you have already plenty of ideas that will delight our future GSoC contributors (so please, don't wait, just post your ideas as a reply to this message, I am expecting at least 20 ideas before noon).

This reminder is for the rest of you, the unlucky ones who were not in Namur and have missed my recommendation: yes people it is time to think about GSoC projects!!!

Don't hesitate, any idea is relevant, on any domain, just post it here and let's discuss it :slight_smile:


My WebAuth proposal from 2022 can be taken for 2023.

Yes, definitely!

Hello Sir, I'm Divyanshu Dev, a second year student at IIT Roorkee.
I'm really looking forward to contributing to Plone foundation in this season of GSoC(i.e 2023).

I humbly request you to please help me with my confusion.
Your above message is meant for mentors right?
I mean one who wants to contribute as a student has to wait for those ideas to reflect on your GSoC profile?


Hi Divyanshu,
Yes this message is for mentors. Once the ideas will have been discussed, we will publish them on and on our GSoC profile.

Thanks alot sir, for your response!
I'm glad you took your time out to reply.
Could you Please help me to connect with possible mentors of Plone, so that I can seek some guidance.

Our process is as follow:

  • first we discuss the project ideas,
  • then we decide on the final list, with assigned mentors,
  • and only then students start interacting with mentors.

There is no need to engage too soon with the mentors :slight_smile:


I get it Sir.Thanks for helping.
If I want to contribute to plone now, can I do, I want to work on the frontend part of volto repository as of now.

Yes sure, you can go through the Volto training Volto — Plone Training 2022 documentation, and start developing a Volto block and a Volto theme so you get a good understanding of the architecture.
Then you might try to fix some bugs, but don't put pressure on yourself.

One important thing I want to highlight: starting contributing to Plone before the GSoC candidacy will not increase your chance in any way. The purpose of the GSoC process is to teach students how to become good contributors. So by definition, we do not expect these students to be good contributors before GSoC.

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extended form support in volto, have all functionality from easyform (in case we don't have that yet)

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We should update collective.ifttt and we should create an add on to integrate Plone with Zapier

We really should get a recycle bin / trash can going again

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Plone authentication using passkeys

2FA for Plone logins


Plone webhooks

More Volto themes

Sir, thanks alot for making it so simple for me.

Sir I'm really interested in contributing to Plone,this GSoC season.
The tech stack that you've published on your GSoC profile is something I feel I am good at as I have worked on several projects of my university which had the same tech stack but none of them were open source.

Please guide me on what should I do to increase the chances of becoming a student of Plone this GSoC season.
I would be really grateful.

@ebrehault Are there any criteria to be satisfied to get selected to work on any project for GSoC??I went through the Training of Plone and am so interested to work on the frontend part, mainly volto as I m looking forward for REACTJS and also good at REACTJS....

Looking forward for a reply :smile:

About recycle bin: it that was the objective of a GSoC project last year, mentored by @mikemets . If I am not wrong, it covered the backend part entirely (@mikemets do you confirm?), so this year we could have a project on the Volto part.