GSOC aspirants, please use proper proposal titles

Hi GSOC aspirants,

please submit your proposals under reasonable names that makes it easy to spot the scope of the proposal. A proposal title "Plone foundation" or "plonepass" is pointless. As a mentor, I clearly don't go through all proposals in order to find those proposals that are relevant for my own proposed topic.
Just use the title of the mentor's proposals for your own proposals. This would help a lot! Thanks!


Also: please put your name and contact information upfront on the first page of your proposal.


Sir i submitted my draft proposal yesterday, where i can get the review??

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hey plone teams, i want to congratulate you, you guys make an excellent tool which provides so easiness to build web applications. From my user experience, this tool is for both developers as well as non developers.
I am novice in development, and i make a portfolio using PLONE, and i just want to ask how can i publish portfolio, i am so excited to publish this.

you should follow the documentation for depoloyment