Gsoc Aspirant Introduction

I am Awaneesh Soni from India.
My tech stacks are HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React.js
I am interested in contributing to Slug-based linked headlines in volto-slate Project for Gsoc'23.
I am currently going through the training program.

Can somebody please tag Víctor Fernández de Alba because he is the possible mentor for this project

Have you read the documentation and training?

Going through the training!
I have a doubt: Will my proposal be reviewed by some mentor before submission?

You should ask your mentor for a review, whether they review it or not depends on their availability.

That does NOT make sense to me (as a mentor). Mentors should be in charge of answering questions regardings their own GSOC project proposals, and working on clarifications in order to put an aspirant into the position of writing a reasonable proposal on their own. A mentor will review the aspirant's proposal after official submission.

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Is there any format or drafts on how the proposal has to be? if so could u provide one draft of the proposal ?

Thanks @zopyx , that helped a lot :smile: