GSoC aspirant intrested in "Locking control panel"

Hello there!

Myself Mohamamd Hussain, I joined the Plone community a few months back and since then thanks to the help of some wonderful mentors (@stevepiercy, @ksuess, @tiberiuichim, and more) I have made several contributions to plone/volto and plone/documentation and now I am a bit comfortable with plone codebase.

As mentioned above I am interested in the GSoC project Locking control panel for which I had done the research and made a Proposal.
After reading all the other discussion posts about this project, I have a few questions which I would like to ask before submitting my proposal for review:

  • I have to come to know about the /++api++/plone/@lock API endpoint which is used by Volto to lock/unlock content objects.(I know non-stealable locks can't be unlocked with this)
    Can this be used for implementing this new functionality or we will need to create new endpoints?

  • and if yes, are there any specific requirements or guidelines for implementing the new endpoint in the Plone REST API?

  • It is not mentioned in the project description but I would like to implement lock filter by {date/user/timeout} option in this Lock Control panel for which I have an approach in mind. Can I add this to my proposal? I have some more minor features in mind too.

@robgietema, and @jackahl I would love to hear from you guys.
@tisto I saw it was first proposed by you, I would be glad if you can provide your insights.
Thanks! (^ ^).

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If a new REST API endpoint is required, here are the guidelines:

Thanks Steve! :smile:
I will go through these docs.
Just now, I have gone through plonerestapi docs and trainging.plone docs which helped me a lot too.

Successfully submitted the proposal!
Waiting for mentors' reviews (^ ^).

re-submitted the proposal with new sections and minor changes !
Waiting for mentors' reviews ( > < )