GSoC 23 Participant

Hello Plone community,

My name is Priyanshu Rajput and I am a computer science student based in India. As a beginner open source contributor, I am excited to participate in GSoC with Plone. I am particularly interested in Plone because of its focus on workflow and security, as well as its use of modern technologies and techniques.

I have experience with MERN Stack, Django, ML, and Firebase, and have worked on several projects that showcase my skills. You can find examples of my past projects on my Github account, PriyanshuRj (Priyanshu Rajput) · GitHub.

One of my notable projects is a web application for managing library inventory built with MERN stack. I also developed a Django-based web application for managing employee information. Additionally, I have worked on various machine learning projects, including a sentiment analysis tool and a recommendation engine.

I understand the importance of collaborating with other community members and following guidelines for contributors. I am committed to making a meaningful contribution to Plone and look forward to working with and learning from the experienced members of the community.

Please feel free to check out my Github account and connect with me on LinkedIn at I am excited to be a part of the Plone community and contribute to the project.

Hello Plone community!
I'm Javali Murari, a third year undergrad student from India pursuing BTech in Information Technology. I've recently completed an internship in web development, gaining a lot of insight about working with a team and about solving real life web issues. We worked with React and NodeJS to build a minimalistic web application. I love exploring new technologies and have previously worked with MERN stack and Jekyll.
I'm excited to contribute to the Plone organization through their amazing web dev projects. As of now I've cloned Plone's repository, set up the backend using Docker and also launched Plone site in the localhost. I look forward to tackling some amazing web problems and engage with the community. Thank you for the time!

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