GSOC’23 Introduction and Clarification AI

Hello There,
I'm Andrew Irorere, a Frontend Specialist with industrial experience in the react ecosystem. I'm also a Metallurgical Engineering undergrad from Nigeria. My tech stack includes JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js React, Js and Next.js.
This is my first GSoC participation but I am very familiar with Open Source and the Open-Source communities, and looking forward to contributing even after
I have spent the past weeks Exploring the website and reading through all documentation so I'm going to start the Training Documentation and then sign the user agreement I hope to learn from fellow contributors and mentors and gain some invaluable experience.

I have also noticed that some aspirants have started mentioning Ideas on how to solve their given project of choice and I was wondering if that's one of the criteria of being selected because I'm currently focusing on mastering Plone and volto