GSoC 23 | Hello Plone | My Observations on Open Source

Hi I am Harun, self-taught software developer. Most of my experience so far is on web front end technologies like js, css, react, also selenium and beautifulsoup.

I am interested in component refactoring and dnd improvement.

About component refactoring: I prepared general things to consider.

  • Not importing component from react anymore, eslint also warns it.
  • Define types for functional component using PropTypes.
  • Move passing props to function arguments.
  • Use useEffect to handle lifecycle methods, other hooks like useMemo can also help.
  • Move helper functions to out, if it is not dependent on functional component's scope and state.
  • Some of functionality can be left as is just by removing this keyword.

I still did not finish and exploring Plone app. I used docker to use it in my local environment.

If you are curious about how a not open source contributor developer feels about exploring open source organisations: it was shocking for me, most of documentations prepared for developers are exceptional, if I want to learn new technology, surely I will go find open source organisation using it after seeing wonderful documentations.

Also GSoC is great way to politely meet open source organisations, it is some kind of curated open source organisations you can contribute, I am happy to find gsoc program.

Advices accepted, thanks in advance.