GSOC 2024: Introduction

Hello everyone,
I am Mostafa Magdy, a third-year Computer Engineering student at Cairo University in Egypt.
I am writing to express my keen interest in participating in the GSOC 2024 program with Plone. My passion for web development, combined with my experience in JavaScript, ReactJS, and Python, has driven me to explore the Plone Content Management System. Recently, I immersed myself in the documentation for Plone 6 and took the initiative to set up the environment for Plone, including both backend and frontend servers. I have been experimenting with the site, gaining familiarity with its features.
One project that has particularly captured my attention is "Multi-columns Row with Drag-n-Drop Support." This project perfectly aligns with my skills and interests in web development. However, I acknowledge that I currently lack some understanding of its intricacies. Therefore, I am eager to engage with the assigned mentor for this project to gain further insights and clarification.