GSOC 2024 Introduction: Sravya Sattisetti

Greetings everyone! I'm Sravya Sattisetti, currently in my third year pursuing B.Tech at VIT-AP University. As a MERN Full Stack Developer, I've undergone comprehensive training and completed an internship focused on MERN Full Stack development.

The exciting prospects of GSOC 2024 have drawn me in, particularly the intriguing projects proposed by the esteemed Plone Foundation:

  1. AI/ChatGPT Image Description/Alt Text Generator
  2. AI/ChatGPT Content Generation from Title and Summary
  3. Multi-columns Row with Drag-n-Drop Support between Row and Columns

My passion for technology and proficiency in the MERN stack align perfectly with these projects. Having undergone dedicated training and hands-on experience, I am well-equipped to contribute meaningfully.

I am eager to dive into these projects, collaborate with mentors, and become an integral part of the Plone Foundation's dynamic team. Let's make GSOC 2024 a journey of innovation and collaboration! Looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead.