GSOC 2024 Introduction: Shuaibu Shehu

Hello everyone,

I am Shuiabu Shehu, currently studying Computer Application at Gitam University in India. I find it extremely interesting to contribute to open-source projects, gain valuable experience, and connect with great minds. This presents an exceptional opportunity for me to make a noticeable milestone as a developer. I have built numerous projects, and I find the following project ideas particularly intriguing:

  1. AI/ChatGPT content generation from title and summary
  2. Multi-column rows with drag-and-drop support between rows and columns
  3. AI/ChatGPT image description/alt-text generator

My tech stack: React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Express, DSA

GitHub: @shuaibu-shehu

I look forward to connecting with such amazing, like-minded individuals in the Plone community. Thank you!