GSOC 2024 Introduction: Hridaya

Hi everyone!
I am Hridaya Pradhan, a student who is passionate about full stack web development. I have 2+ years of experience as a full stack web development creating various web apps. On my journey to become a developer I have used many tools such as Flask, Node.js, React, Next.js, Socket.IO, TailwindCSS, CDNs, etc. My latest project is a social media app called TrekDiaries which is built for trekkers and with my full stack skills, I was able to build a social media app with Lighthouse performance score of 98 which is very hard for such a dynamic website whose content changes every second and this has been my best achievement so far. The web app was built with React and was heavily optimize with use of CDNs, search engine and optimization concepts such as dynamic loading, pagination, caching, etc. I look forward to working with this organization on GSOC' 24.