GSOC 2024 Introduction: bhavesh upadhyay

Hello everyone,

My name is Bhavesh Chand Upadhyay, and I recently in my final year of engineering from Institute of engineering and technology Lucknow . During my time there, I explored various technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React,nodeJs, express , Python, AI, and ML. I've had the opportunity to work on several projects utilizing these skills.

I am particularly interested in contributing to the "AI/ChatGPT Image Description/Alt Text Generator" project as it aligns well with my skill set and interests. I believe that my experience in AI and ML, coupled with my proficiency in Python, makes me well-suited for this endeavor.

Could someone please guide me on how to get started with contributing to this project? I am eager to learn more about it and to begin making meaningful contributions.

Thank you for your assistance.