GSOC 2024: Introduction and queries

Hey there! This side Sulochan Khadka, second year undergrad at NIT( National Institute Of Technology) with Computer Science and Engineering as Major. Have worked with various technologies and after seeing the GSOC Projects, my skills in React will definitely help complete the project.

Let me mention the projects I am interested in .

  1. Decoupled editor for Plone headless:

Seems interesting to work with something new and different . Ofcourse I cannot do that alone, I would be requiring the support from the mentors. But I have understood the requirements to be done .

  1. Multi-columns row with drag-n-drop support between row and columns:

Seems pretty easy , and am very confident to complete this in the best possible way.
Also to mention, I have implemented such features in my projects as well.

Let me know if the mentors need my clarification on how do I propose to complete them.