GSoC 2024: Decoupled editor for Plone headless - Updates & Discussion

Hi All,

So today/tonight (if u r on otherside of the world :slight_smile: ) mark the End of Community Bonding Period and with my mentors Dylan and Jeff's immense support, here are the key things we have accomplished:

  • We wrote user stories from the editor's perspective, dividing them into manageable parts and defining technical requirements.
  • Did training included studying Volto addon development and creating a simple block addon to preview websites using iframes. (source code)
  • We designed an initial approach for the addon, allowing users to log in, access the toolbar, and select frontend URLs then show preview through an iframe block.
  • Please visit volto-hydra GitHub project to know more about current iteration tasks.

I know there's other thread discussing about Plone headless Story but I'll be using this thread to discuss and keep the community updated about the Demo and APIs which we will build and add features during the GSoC period.

Thanks and your feedback is appreciated.