GSoc 2023: Recycle bin

Hello @all, I am new to GSoc and also to Plone community. I wish to contribute to Plone and work on the project "Recycle bin" from the GSoc 2023 ideas page.

I have done numerous projects with python in the past and also have knowledge of C++, Flutter, dart, and some python frameworks. I am really interested to learn new technologies.

@tkimnguyen May you guide me how to proceed further now?

Thanks & Regards

You have to apply through GSOC, and not directly to Plone.
The application phase for GSCO 2023 starts March, 20th 2023.

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Hi Andreas, I am aware of that but I am here for the early-on discussion regarding the project so that I can really understand what the project demands and provide for the same, thus preparing a proposal in light of your guidance before applying.

@Rahul-JOON Please wait till project ideas are listed on official gsoc page.

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Okay. I am sorry if I was acting inconvenient, I am new to GSoc; maybe I got a little too excited :sweat_smile: