Gsoc 2023 Recycle Bin Project

Hello everyone,
I am Azzam Uddin from India, I am interested in Recycle bin project for Gsoc 2023, I have reviewed the project description and looking forward to contribute.
I have gone through the plone training on and understood that how plone and add-on in plone work and I have also gone through description of last year recycle bin's backend implementation on GitHub - BHUVAN-RJ/ftw.trash at python3.
I want to know more about this project in detail from the possible mentors, could you please help me to understand this in more detail.

Thank you.

Can someone please tell me @stevepiercy @ebrehault @sneridagh what is the username of Jakob Kahl here in the community, he is mentioned in the project description to be the possible mentor for this project.
So I can discuss with him about the project in detail.


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Thank you @avimishra18

Hello @jackahl could you please help me in understanding this project in more detail as you can be the possible mentor?
I am now on plone training and it will be completed in few days guide me for the next.

Thanks @avimishra18 for pinging me :slight_smile:
Hey @Azzam_Uddin currently the "recycle bin" project is in a bit of a limbo situation, as the one who originally proposed it had to step down as a mentor. I more or less took that over on accident and am still looking for someone else to join me as mentor as I do not feel experienced enough yet to take that on on my own. Sorry for not having much more info at the moment. I will let you know, when I have any updates for you.


Thanks, @jackahl for the information.
Now, I will go for another project.

To candidate interested in this project: we are sorry but we will not be able to assign a mentor to this project this year. Consequently the Recycle Bin project is cancelled.