GSOC 2023 aspirant intro (Danish arora)

Hello everyone, I am Danish arora, a Self-learning FullStack Engineer with skills in React, Node, Express, etc. Starting from a 16 Year old learning Web Technologies and fast forwarding to 2 3 years in time I am looking for a Production ready project codebase to know and have confidence about how can we take a simple codebase and make it production ready. I have tried understanding Plone's volto frontend and have got hang of some of it. I would love to have an opportunity of working on either the project "Modernize Data Fetching API" or "Refactor class components to functional components".

Github:- HyperDanisH
Portfolio:- (Soon :wink:)

A fun fact about me :slight_smile:
I love the way this Open Source System of coding works and would have loved to have it if it was a full time job :heart:

Danish arora