GSOC 2022 timeline announced - would need champions

Hi there,

the timeline for the 2022 Google Summer of Code has just been announced.
Additional information can be found in the FAQ

In a nutshell, the biggest changes from previous editions:

  • There are two sizes of projects: ~175hr and ~350 hr
  • GSOC participants don't need to be actual university students anymore, anyone 18 and older who is an 'open source beginner' can qualify

Plone has participated for several years, and has gained really valuable community members thanks to the program. Plus, the contributions that the various GSOC participants made over the years to both the content and the social interaction of conferences has been amazing.

However, there is also work involved; that comes in three types:

  • administrative, like filling out forms, digging up tax status, etc.
  • mentor organising & cat-herding
  • mentoring of students

for various reasons, I unfortunately won't be able to do more than the "administrative" part this year - there simply is no realistic way I can make the time to do the all-important "mentor organising" part.

The administrative part I can do - it doesn't take much time when you've done it before and have all the receipts handy, and takes an unreasonable amount of time if you haven't done that before.

So, this is a call out to see if one (or more) person(s) would be willing to step up to be the champions for a Plone Foundation entry as a mentoring organisation. Note that entry doesn't guarantee success - but without one or more champions it makes no sense to enter at all.

Mentors for actual projects are of course also required, should we end up securing a spot, but at the current stage in the process we first need to find out if there are people who are willing to organize.

Paul Roeland


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