GSoC 2022: Recycle Bin Idea

Hi. I'm Mohammad Reza Kianifar, and I'm interested in recycle bin idea for the Plone project. I have about 5 years of working experience, and 2 years of them were working in a company that had a CMS product. So I'm familiar with the concepts. I was wondering if the project is still available?
I have 2 ideas for implementing the recycle bin for the SQL database.

  1. Adding a deleted_at field to each table, and updating the queries that only select items with deleted_at = null in their table.
  2. Adding another table with table_id, table_name, and item_data fields. After deleting an item, we will insert a field in this table to keep the removed items.
    I was wondering if I can receive any feedback before submitting my proposal.
    Thank you very much
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Hi @mreza_kiani – thank you for your interest in this idea!

Plone doesn't use a SQL database, not directly. Plone's storage is done via the ZODB, an object database. It is actually a wonderful architecture and implementation which is in many ways superior to relational databases.

To understand how Plone deletes objects, please see elsewhere in this forum where we describe the idea of implementing the recycle bin GSoC 2022 contribution / recycle bin idea - #2 by tkimnguyen

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