GSoC 2022 : new volto theme project

Hello mentors,
I am Tanya Chhabra, a web developer proficient in the MERN stack. I am in my second year right now and I have some experience in full-stack web development. I have made personal projects of my own, I am currently doing an internship with a startup building tools for easy blogging and I also have some experience in open source contributions.

I am writing here because I am interested in contributing to the new volto theme project of Plone in GSoC 2022. I have already gone through the documentation and started contributing to two repositories. I think I have the required skills for this project as I am very comfortable with React and frontend designing. Now, I want to start my research to develop a suitable proposal for this project. So, @tkimnguyen could you please guide me as to how I should start my research? And what all resources should I refer to?

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