GSOC 2022: Interested in working on "User Management" part for Volto


I am Alankrit, a Master’s student currently based in Montreal, Canada. I have been working in the field of Software Development for the last 4 years as an Intern, Full-time employee & Freelancer. I have worked on a lot of projects in these past years.

I was looking through the project ideas and I found the idea - “User Management for Volto” pretty interesting. I believe it matches my skills and experience.

I am starting to set up the project in my local environment & will be starting with the bug fixes soon. I am eagerly waiting to discuss this project with the mentor.


I am Suraj Chaudhary, a 3rd year B Tech student based in Greater Noida, India. I have been working in open-source for the better part of a year for now, and I am a frontend web developer with extensive knowledge on React and CSS. I'd love to contribute to this amazing community and would love to interact with all you lovely people.

I'm hoping to get my first pull request done in around 2 days' time.

Hi and Welcome @surajcool203 @alankritgupta091099 . You can follow steps outlined by Rob in this post: GSoC 2022: Workflow manager, Media Repository - #6 by robgietema