GSoC 2022 Ideas: Plone/Volto API and Trigger Nodes for n8n

Just putting this out there, I am probably super late but maybe this will stimulate a GSoC participant. I think that having Plone triggers/plugins available in common workflow automation tools can help with the adoption of Plone/Volto.
Having these triggers in various workflow automation tools (both open source and proprietary)

  1. helps to raise the profile of Plone as people stumble upon them.
  2. makes implementing automation tasks and workflows more approachable.

I've recently been using n8n on a project. I have a preference for n8n because of the option to self-host. It has really simplified some aspects of integration and automation tasks.
Other proprietary targets include: Microsoft Flow, Integromat (now maker), Zoho Flow, IFTT and Zapier

In 2018 there was a GSoC project around IFTT

Again, this is NOT a comprehensive idea, but I'm hoping it will stimulate some thought.

This is a great idea. Gets out logo out to those who deal with workflows. Makes it easy to integrate Plone in wider systems.