GSoC 2022 Contribution / New Volto Theme

About me
Hey there, My name is Krishna Mahato currently a 2nd year BTech student pursuing Computer Science Engineering. :innocent:

I am a full stack web developer, and looking forward to contribute in the volto project for creating a new reusable theme. I have experience in building and maintaining industry level SaaS products built on React.

Since, I'm new to this project and plone community, I'm really confused on where and how to start. :neutral_face:

I'd like to tag @tkimnguyen since you're the possible mentor for the project :grinning:. It will be really helpful for me in understanding the project and flow, if you drop in some useful resources that would speed up my knowledge transfer. :blush:

Hi @krishna9304 , Welcome to Plone!

Since you're confused, I'd suggest you go through the following links and learn about the internals of Plone and Volto in particular.

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Hi @nileshgulia1 , Thank you so much for dropping these resources. Although I have gone through the first three points as mentioned above. I'm really thankful for the fourth point as it particularly mentions the resource I'll be glad to look at, since It is concerned about the idea for GSoC i'm hoping to work on.

I'd also like to ask more about the HMR. I have cloned the volto repo and it successfully ran on my local machine via docker. My concern is about when I'm in my development environment, how do I enable hot reload without the need to restarting my docker container again and again so that the changes I made would be immediately reflected.

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