GSoC 2022 Contribution / New Plone Classic Theme

Hello there,
I'm Shashwat Sharma, a sophomore Computer Science student from India. I've had experience building full-stack web applications. I would like to contribute to Plone as a part of the GSoC Project "Create a new Plone classic theme".
As of yet, I've downloaded and installed Plone and gone through the Plone 6 classic UI theming training. I've been going through the codebase and have already opened a PR in plonecli.

As my approach is fairly scattered. I'd like to know from the mentors if there is any task related to developing a new Plone classic theme that I could be assigned.

Hey @tkimnguyen
I have submitted my proposal for "New Plone classic Theme" Idea. Can you please check it out and suggest any changes you'd wish to see in it.
Thanks :slight_smile: