GSoC 2022 Contribution/ Media Repository

Hello everyone, I'm Akash Upadhyay, undergraduate from Siksha O Anusandhan University and also a GSoC 2022 participant. I've experience developing web apps using react, python, springboot.
I found the Media Repository project idea very interesting and would like to work on it.
Can someone please guide me in getting started?

Thanks and Best Regards

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Hi @akash and welcome to Plone!

@robgietema will have more to say about the media repo project in particular, but you will need to get familiar with Plone (using it and developing for it), so please go through the suggested tasks at the top of our GSoC page:

At some point, you will probably want to sign the Plone Contributor agreement. It will take at least a day to get processed, so you might as well do it soon.

Let us know your questions and thoughts!

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Hi @akash great to hear you are interested in joining GSoC!

I am sorry to say that I just heared the Media Repository is being implemented already for a client project so I think it would be best if you have a look at one of our other ideas at: Ideas — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure. From that list I know one student who wants to work on the Workflow Manager. If you are interested in any of the other ideas let me know and I will gladly provide you with more information.

Sure @robgietema, Thanks for the information.

Will that implementation be open sourced? Should this idea be removed from our GSoC pages? @ebrehault