GSoC 2022 brainstorming

By next Monday, we are meant to meant to confirm our application to GSoC.
They do not expect us to provide mentor names at that time, we are just supposed to tell how many mentors we will have.

I know a week is a bit short, so the idea is to just propose a number (4 mentors seems like a reasonable number) and find later who will actually do it.

Nevertheless, in March, students will start candidating. So:

  • it is preferable if actual mentors can provide a decent description of what is expected
  • it is also better if we can just remove from the project idea list all ideas that nobody is willing to mentor (less work, and less noise for the candidate)

So even if we do not have a hard deadline yet to provide mentors, I would say that now is the perfect time :slight_smile:

Here is the official schedule by the way: Google Summer of Code 2022 Timeline  |  Google Developers

I propose to add WebAuthn support for Plone.

WebAuthn would allows us to support passwordless authentication to Plone using either external hardware keys like a Yubi key or using biometric methods build-in into our own devices like Face ID or Touch ID. Almost all modern browsers support the W3C standard WebAuthn. There are variations on the level of support for build-in biometric methods. On Mac, you can use Touch ID with Chrome and Safari, but not with Firefox. On iOS, you can use Face ID across browsers (ok, it's always Apple's own webkit engine).

I am currently unsure how things would work in the context of Plone as headless CMS via plone.restapi, and/or Volto...a concept for this must be discussed.

Enough said...I would like to mentor this project.


Great! :blush:

I put my name down for 3 items: the recycle bin, themes, export and import improvements. @djay you had some nice ideas: don’t you have time to mentor?

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Maybe @abl123 or @abosio could have a look at GSoC 2022 - Google Tabellen

Thank you @tkimnguyen !

Just my personal opinion, but I think the Zapier add-on idea is very good, it could be super useful in many cases and, technically, it is definitely approachable in a GSoC context.

Anybody willing to mentor it?

I like the idea of adding more TTW capabilities to Volto. Currently, we lack many of them in controlpanels. I will be happy to be a secondary mentor for it.


Thank you @nileshgulia1 :slight_smile:

Hello people!

Here the idea descriptions I could put together:

We do have few mentors (thank you!) for some of them.
I think we will only submit the ideas where we have a mentor GSoC 2022 project ideas - Google Docs but you still have time to candidate :wink:

I can take the load off Kim with either the Recycle Bin or the Export/Import project


That's great Mike! Thanks!

I've created a proposal for "Password-less authentication in Plone 6"


4 posts were split to a new topic: Python 3 type hints in Plone

The official project ideas is online: Ideas — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure

And thank you to @robgietema for his last minute additions :slight_smile:

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:heart: :heart_eyes: :heart_decoration:

Wow, and I thought I was crazy :smiley:

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Great news! Our GSoC application has been accepted by Google!

Thank you to all the people who participated so far, thanks to you we have collected great ideas for our candidates :slight_smile:


w00t! That's awesome!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: