GSoC 2022 brainstorming

Hello Plone people!

Yes this is winter (for most of us, hi :wave: south hemisphere plonistas!), it is cold out there :cold_face: (for most of us, hi :wave: tropical areas plonistas!), and as we all know, nothing is better than talking about summer :sun_with_face: to warm up our poor frozen brains!

And guess what? Luckily, it is time to propose interesting topics for Google Summer of Code 2022!

It can be ideas about any of the projects the Plone Foundation is supporting (Plone, Zope, Volto, Guillotina, add-ons for any of these).

Remember, we want to hear all your ideas:

  • If you have an idea and the idea is good and you want to be a mentor that's great!
  • If you have an idea and the idea is good but you do not think you will have time to be a mentor, we still want to hear about your idea.
  • If you have an idea but the idea is bad, submit it anyway, maybe it is not that bad! (and even if it is, we love to argue about stuff).
  • If you have no idea, but you would love to be a mentor, tell us as well.

Please, reply to this thread to propose and discuss ideas, we will gather them in a page once the brainstorm is done!


Thank you!


I don’t know if this or other ideas I’m about to suggest are big enough to require multiple weeks of work

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Built in optional OAuth or equivalent. Modern systems no longer exist in isolation!

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Restore TTW functionality in Classic and in Volto, e.g. live theming changes, “app lite” easily programmable (and, obviously, abusable) functionality. Low code is all the rage, but guess what? Plone and Zope have had them for 24 years

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Make Plone REALLY easy to deploy. I’ve been playing with Netlify and it’s pretty amazing. I have no idea if it can be done, but to be able to specify add ons (and THEME…need more themes) and other configuration and start with Plone in a Box™ to generate the Docker containers and register them with pick-your-cloud-poison provider and voilà a running custom Plone site with SSL etc and custom domain

Why is Contenful out there as a viable backend for content but we are not? Let's change that. Connect Plone to other front ends with toolkits for each and serve a new Plone back end easily, yada yada. @ebrehault and I started on the idea in 2017 at PLOG

Could we make Plone easy to connect to other Python app frameworks as the content store? E.g., Django, Flask. Or leverage Plone workflow so Django folks don’t feel the need to recreate good workflow with their hand tools :nerd_face::joy:


More themes for Plone classic and Volto. I hate that even I, one of Plone’s biggest fanboys, feel dismayed about the nonexistent choice we have. The last set of GSoC themes from 2015 have aged and do not work with Plone 5.2, let alone 6 (or Volto, obviously). Can we haz a showcase of (say) 5 more themes?

Ok I exaggerate a bit: has the one theme from 2015 that still works with Plone 5.2/Python 3

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Make great again. Classic and Volto. Needs a new library for drawing and manipulating a workflow (ideas at PyFlow – Visual scripting framework for Python – NodeRED alternative? | Hacker News ?)

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DCWorkflow is missing an “all of these people must approve” transition

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In place migrations: let’s not. Even the Thanos of migrations @pbauer isn’t using this technique for the new

So let’s make export and import (or is it import and export?) really easy for mortals

A tie in for machine learning. All the kids are doing ML, so let’s put on our disco pants and boogie

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Would be very cool to improve collective.exportimport to export everything (also object versions) and save them in a git repository. Then you can use that repo to import in another site (or create a site by hand/script in a repo and make it live). Also this could help debugging issues, reproducible setups and "time traveling" in the Plone data over time.

There is an idea I had about making nicer "sharing by url" or "sharing by email" functionality in plone. Take something like collective.tokenrole and make plone 6 compatible and more integrated into the localroles page. A lot of people are now used to being to share something private quickly with certain groups or individuals or via a url. It would be really useful to have this as a feature of core plone or as well maintained plugin


there is also the idea that was tried before in collective.importexport in GSOC previously (and failed) which was less about migration and more about an end user bulk content tool. Being able to upload content from other systems, and bulk change content, all only knowing how to use excel. it's a different usecase to collective.exportimport but that provides an excellent base to work from with a lot of the hard parts already done.

I remember it (and used), but was difficult to use. The JSON approach is a lot better.


a) you are talking about an implementation that was broken and never finished.
b) you are talking about a very different usecase. Non developers can't modify json.

We made collective.ifttt a few years ago in GSoC. We should make one for Zapier (newer, shinier).

More service connectors to (I dunno, just going to pull these out of my :tophat: )

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live real-time co-editing, e.g. Etherpad or integration with

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