GSoC 2022 aspirant

Hello Plone - Community,
Introducing all of you to myself . My name is Suman Mondal. I am a student of in Computer science and engineering . So basically I am a full stack web developer (MERN STACK) and have a good experience in React.Js , React-hooks and have build projects and hosted using Heroku and I also have good knowledge in Python worked on several python libraries like Numpy,Pandas,Matplotlib,Turtle graphics,cx_oracle,etc and also done projects like Facebook profile data-wise sentiment analysis , Image and sound processing and many more .So that's me.
Now being new to Plone organization . I need guidance from the mentors of Plone to take me to the right path of GSoC 2022 Journey . So that not only I get selected in GSoC 2022 but also complete a project and carry on with Plone in feature.

Thanking You,
Suman Mondal.