GSoC 2018 Ideas: page layout Mosaic editor

This is one post in a series to begin focused discussion about ideas that came out of our 2018 GSoC Brainstorm.

Please use this post as a place to begin to discuss this idea more in depth.

This idea was proposed by @espenmn. There is as yet no suggested mentor, so if anyone is interested or knows who would be a good choice, please speak up.

The description:

' A 'page layout' Mosaic editor (where one could place the navigation, search box, logo, etc. '

alright folks, make this one shine!

+1. We have a solution that is almost there but some rough edges. Waiting for react/angular/vue/headless/X versions of mosaic to magically appear is not sensible. Let's work out how to make mosaic ready to merge and worry about new frameworks later once js is mature.

Would the discussion on this post or this one be related to this work? Can we consolidate discussion of various aspects of mosaic into a few basic project ideas?