GSoC 2018 Ideas: Image Editor

This is one post in a series to begin focused discussion about ideas that came out of our 2018 GSoC Brainstorm.

Please use this post as a place to begin to discuss this idea more in depth.

This idea was suggested by @espenmn, who is interested in serving as a mentor too.

The description:

"Update Image Editor to Plone 5, or at least a way to rotate images within Plone"

Alright, Plonistas, take this one on to the next level!

About taking it to the next level...

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this is also related with this:

A little 'brainstorming

'How we do things' is not important for me.
One thing that matters, though, is that 'things get finished'.

Right now, p.a.imagecropping is working 'as it should' (I think).

Probably we need:
a) Just ImageEditor ported to Plone 5 and keep 'other things in their own packages'.
b) Some kind of javascript or (external) api solution
c) A 'pluggable' image editor with all kinds of functionality (which probably never will be finished).
I would prefer 'many small packages' to adding more 'none core' functionality… at least until 'it is working'


After looking a bit at maybe something like this is more related to collective.lazyloading than an Image Editor ?

Thumbor is more "food for thought" - just a reference how things are/can be done and ideas that maybe can be borrowed.

we released this some years ago but customers were not really exited and never used it:

so, yes, it's probably better to include some of those enhancement directly, on a transparent way for end users.

WebP is something we may want to start planning as current support is above 70%:

I am finding this also interesting, and would like to know what is the repo that i need to understand for taking this as a project.

@espenmn do you have a strong enough sense of what this project would entail to begin writing up a more complete description? Take a look at last year's project ideas for inspiration on the format.