GSoC 2018 Ideas: Hosting R&D and Documentation

This is one post in a series to begin focused discussion about ideas that came out of our 2018 GSoC Brainstorm.

Please use this post as a place to begin to discuss this idea more in depth.

It was proposed by @Rotonen, who would also be interested in serving as a mentor (Yay!).

The idea description:

R&D the good / efficient ways to host Plone at different scales (amount of content, request volume) for the official documentation.

Go for it, community! Make this one shine!

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My motivations:

This stuff is super easy to get wrong on such a deeply layered cake as the Plone stack.

There is a lot of FUD out there and there is way too much in the way of cargo cult going on within the community as well.

Time to metrify in repeatable manners and go at this with confidence intervals.


I very much like this idea. I think the outcomes would be fantastically useful for us all.