GSoC 2018 idea: improving transmogrifier

(I realize this idea is late, but let's see if it sounds interesting to anyone)

collective.transmogrifier is a tool that lets you import, export and convert data into and out of Plone sites.

My experience with transmog is:

  • it sounds great!
  • it can do great things ( was used to migrate old to new (2016)
  • I start to read the docs and I understand its components and concepts
  • I look for more guidance, including samples or tutorials, and don't find any
  • I'm flummoxed and give up on transmog and hand code some hacky method of doing what I need

The project idea would be to:

  • improve the documentation to include more examples, scenarios, and working code samples
  • create a class
  • provide best practices
  • include a UI
  • use something like bobtemplates to start pipelines and add to them

As @kakshay21 asked me, how does this idea relate to ? I'm not sure. It looks like the import/export has stalled.

I see a discussion thread on improving plone.importexport as GSoC project.

Transmogrifier is a sysadmin level tool for migrating from any system to Plone or from Plone to any other system. Migrating content from Plone to Plone is only a special transmogrifier use case. Also, transmogrifier is a not an "out of the box" product, but more like a generic migration tool or framework needing more or less wiring for anything productive

Plone's import / export story is about Plone end-user (content editor) UI for exporting content from Plone and (batch) importing content to Plone.

elaborating what @datakurre says, the sole purpose of plone.imortexport is to provide a more end user-friendly mechanism to replace transmogrifier.