GSOC 2018 Idea : GatsbyJS Integration

Hello my name is Aditya Todkar I am third year undergraduate from India. I am interested in GSOC2018. I would like to contribute in GatsbyJS Integration project. How can I get started ? Do I need to install plone development environment or do I need to just setup GatsbyJS environment.

Aditya Todkar

@aditodkar How about you first get a good idea of how Plone works and how it all fits together before getting into GatsbyJS. There's pretty good and detailed documentation on the CMS and core product here:

Do give it a read! Also, as @tisto mentioned, you can checkout the existing repo gatsby-source-plone.

@ajayns Thank you I will go through Plone docs. I just want to ask do I need to download and setup Plone environment before starting to contribute as I haven't setup anything yet I have just downloaded nodejs for Gatsby or can I start contributing by forking and following installation process given in readme here ->

@aditodkar If you are failing to develop plone locally may be you can just download and install plone from the website.
See "the developing plone part" to install for development.

@nileshgulia1 So for Gatsby Integration I have to follow the Plone installation process am I right ? I am using windows7, 32-bit, 2GB RAM will it sufficient.

@aditodkar Plone Installation Requirements

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