GSOC 2017 Improving the theme editor experience

Hi, I'm Oshane Bailey, a final year Computer Science at the University of the West Indies, for GSOC 2017, I'm aiming to take on the task of improving the theme editor by making it more like an IDE. @pigeonflight suggested an improvement plan for the theme editor on Products.CMFPlone issue tracker page, which I will be using as the base plan. Improving the experience for the theme editor while giving it more super powers, to me, it is of great value to a lot of plone developers, designers and myself.

I'm currently looking at Codegen, C9, ACE editor and other IDEs, which offers lightweight high-performance IDE. If there's any suggestion of any improvements you would like to see.



This is wonderful news, @b4oshany. We're glad you've chosen to try out Plone for your GSoC experience. Please do what you can to get your draft proposal in as soon as possible. Once it is in, we can work with you on improving it, but there is not much time left before the deadline next Monday.

As for specific ideas, I would suggest that @pigeonflight and perhaps @djay would be good candidates for thoughts about how this work might best be handled. @fulv also has done some work with the theme editor, and may have opinions. Finally, @cdw9 is always a solid authority on issues having to do with themes, perhaps she has some suggestions as well.

Again, welcome to Plone!


Thank you. I'll send them a personal message with the link to the draft

@b4oshany It looks liks your draft does not currently allow comments.

Sorry about that. Apparently, I forgot to enable commenting for anonymous users.

I think I've finished adding comments. Just reach out if something is unclear.

Just wanted to add here that this project was approved and Oshane will start his work on this next week :slight_smile: