GSOC 2016 Proposal Submittion

The Google Summer of Code page of Plone lists some questions to be answered in the proposal submitted by Plone. Do we have to answer those questions in that exact specific order, or just answer the questions overall in the proposal?

Also, in the part related to the timeline of the project implementation, the template indicates that it should be divided in spurts of three weeks, whereas I wrote the proposal keeping in mind the estimated time it would take to complete each part of the project, and discuss the relevant details there? Is it acceptable?

I think this is an important question for all summer of code participants to be clear on. I consider that template a guide so it doesn't need to be followed hard and fast. That said I think others should chime in here.

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The three week sections are to give us an idea that you've planned things out in that level of granularity, and to let us know what you will be doing before and after.

You can re-word it if it's more helpful to you, but please don't give less information that you would just by answering those questions.

Sure. I thought it would be better to divide time in periods of estimated time for each part of the project, so that I can discuss the details of that part in that section.