GSoC-2016: Interest in Content Drafts idea


I am Aman Arora (irc:aarora). A Plone Core Developer (student) and GSoC-2016 aspirant in my fourth year pursuing BTech-CSE from International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad (IIITH), India. I am also a former GSoC student. I previously worked with Plone Foundation in GSoC-2014 and with BIKA Labs in GSoC-2015.

I worked on Collective.Ploneboard with Timo Stollenwerk (irc:tisto) as my mentor, in 2014 for Plone Foundation. My project was to build Ploneboard based on Dexterity content types, so that it can replace Products.Ploneboard which is based on Archetypes. I also worked on integrating new features like having User Reputation (Karma), Message-board Statistics and others into Collective.Ploneboard.
One can find my work on:

I worked on Inventory Management Module (IMM) with Jordi Puiggené (irc:xispa) and Campbell (irc:rockfruit) as my mentors, in 2015 for BIKA Labs. My project was to build an Inventory Module inside BIKA LIMS itself, which could remove the dependency over external application (ERP) and handle the inventory management for lab products and reagents. Bika LIMS is based over Plone, so I got a good opportunity to get more experience working on Plone.
One can find my work under gsoc/inventory branch on: and

My skills include Programming languages: Python, Java, GNU C/C++, Html , Css, Javascript, jQuery and other languages, plus I have good knowledge of Plone, Zope(moderate) and ZODB(moderate).

I went through the project ideas for this year and found the idea Content Drafts : Integrating and extending into Plone with support for Archetypes and Dexterity interesting. My skills set matches the requirement. I worked with Dexterity content types while working on Collective.Ploneboard and with Archetypes while working on IMM for Bika LIMS. And thus I would like to work on this project.

It would be great if the mentors Ramon Navarro Bosch and/or Nathan van Gheem, can guide me so that I can start working on the idea. Kindly also let me know about the details which could help me develop the idea further.

Aman Arora

Hi there,

As you've done GSoC twice already hopefully you've got a good idea of how Plone works. We're less interested in your qualifications and more interested in what your ideas are. The idea should give you some context on what is suggested.

The mentors suggested on the ideas list are mostly for Google's benefit, so they know that we have appropriate people. Mentors aren't assigned until projects are being accepted and may well differ from the people listed on the ideas list.

Your first steps would be to look at the existing drafts support and get an idea about what integration work would be necessary and what the challenges would be. The idea is just a starting point, we expect you to do independent investigation of the problem.