Got yet another site "down" due to user not understanding display menu

Its a bug that really needs to be fixed by one or several of the options in

At this stage the most pragmatic is probably (2) below since putting it inside the edit view of any content with multiple display views would be hard I imagine.

## 2. Modal or Own view
Display becomes a popup rather than a submenu. Similar to (1) but can't edit the content at the same time. 
- pro: easyish to implement. 
   - replace the menu item with a single item (Display/Layout) that opens a view 
   - Render the submenu in a view
   - put in a warning description at the top about what this does
   - Put in a description for each item (not sure from where? registry?)
   - Preview could be either as symbolic images or using JS and iframe to show actual preview
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I've actually seen a site go down because the client changed the view on the news folder, full of thousands of news items, to the "All content" display view. I hid the Display menu with CSS after that

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For folders, this can be done with permissions, but that is not really possible for the front page / site root (I think).

Some kind of action: lock view/layout would be very useful for (some) folders, I think