Google Summer of Code is starting

Hi folks,

the Google Summer of Code 2020 is starting; first of all opening up for mentor organizations.
You can find the whole timeline here.

In the past years, Cris Ewing has taken the lead on this (thanks!) but he won't be available this year to herd the Plone cats.

I am willing to do the administrative tasks to register the Plone Foundation. And set up an information page for potential students, and do bits and pieces. However, I also have some persistent health issues and a busy schedule, so it wouldn't be the best idea to leave it all to one person.

You've guessed it: this is a call for participation! Who would be willing to form a small team that can organize our efforts this year?

Tasks would include:

  • Set up an idea page (that can be done right here) and encourage people to submit their ideas
  • Ask for potential mentors
  • Organize the mentors and proposals that seem to have most support and viability
  • Set up a call with the potential mentors

Once the student proposals come in:

  • Make sure the mentors look at the proposals
  • Together, work out a viable number of realistic projects

And when the projects are underway:

  • Gently herd both the mentors and students to stick to the timelines
  • Be there to support mentors in the evaluation process
  • Overall cheerleading

You don't need to be a Plone/Volto/Guillotina tech guru for this; communications and the ability to keep an eye out for timelines are the key skills here.

As said, I am more than happy to play a role in this, but it would be unwise to leave it up to one person who cannot guarantee availability at all times. Plus, doing things together is always more fun :wink:

So, consider this your call to action. Who has a heart for attracting new students to the community, and who is willing to invest some time?

You can contact me directly at if you have more questions, or of course announce your interest here.

thanks, and let's get this ball rolling!

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There is a redirect at (easy to remember) that points to

I will create the 2020 ideas page there.

I've updated to include a placeholder folder for 2020