Google Summer of Code 2024 - Introduction

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well :smiley:
I am Ashwath Saxena, currently studying at Netaji Subhas University of Technology in New Delhi, India. I am writing to express my keen interest in participating in the GSOC 2024 program with Plone.I find it fascinating to contribute to open-source projects, gain valuable insights from the experience, and connect with great minds along the way. GSOC 2024 with Plone, thus, presents an exceptional opportunity for me to make a noticeable milestone as a developer. My passion for Web Development, combined with my experience in JavaScript, ReactJS, and Python, has driven me to explore the Plone Content Management System. Recently, I immersed myself in the detailed and well-managed documentation for Plone 6 and took the initiative to set up the environment for Plone, including both backend and frontend servers. I have been experimenting with the site and gaining familiarity with its numerous features.

The projects that have particularly captured my attention are:

  1. AI/ChatGPT content generation from title and summary

  2. Multi-column rows with drag-and-drop support between rows and columns

  3. AI/ChatGPT image description/alt-text generator

My fervour for technology and proficiency in the MERN stack align perfectly with these projects. Having undergone dedicated training and hands-on experience, I am well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the same. However, I acknowledge that there may be a gap between my understanding of these projects and their real-world application, and am keen on bridging it through guidance under the GSOC mentors. Therefore, I eagerly await diving into these projects, collaborating with mentors, and becoming an integral part of the Plone Foundation's dynamic team. Let's make GSOC 2024 a journey of innovation and collaboration! Looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead.