Google Season of Docs

Plone has been accepted in the Google Season of Docs

Our list of Project Ideas can be found here:

This thread is for prospective tech writers: here you can introduce yourself, point to previous work that you have done, and ask questions. We are looking for people that have experience in tech writing, so it most certainly helps if you can highlight work you have done before, and your interests.

Do note that the Plone community is made up of people in many different time zones, and with busy schedules. So check back regularly, or enable email notifications; it can take a bit before your questions are answered.

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Hi there,
My name is Jatin Kumar, Btech Undergrad currently in my 2nd year. I have been doing web development projects using MERN stack for a while now and lately started spreading my knowledge by means of blogs too.
I went through your GSOD'19 page. I am really interested in making some valuable contribution. I am looking forward to work on the Volto Documentation part under your mentorship. Currently I have downloaded Volto codebase in my local machine and trying to figure out some under the hood details which may be worth mentioning in Documentation for Curious Visitors.
You can know about my writing style at
Some other useful links
Github -
Portfolio -
email -
I would love to hear from you, how you feel about it. Also, any suggestions from your side would be very much appreciated.

Hello, I am Cris! I currently live in Austin, TX and work as a tech writing manager for a Silicon Valley unicorn.

I am very quite interested in the Volto project as it technically aligns with various areas of interest on mine and where I believe my skills will match quite well. I can write well and do some development.

I am a seasoned technical communicator with a strong and diverse technical background. I love React.js and am particularly fascinated by API-powered content management. I am currently working on a pilot program using Contentful CMS and have built my own content preview app with React and Gatsby (I also built a test content model in Contentful). I am flexible and versatile and thrive on highly engaged, collaborative work.

Working with Plone would help satisfy a strong desire I have for contributing to an open source project. I am fascinated by the open source community and the tools and practices that have resulted. I am passionate about great content as well as the tools that help to make it happen. I consider Plone to be a major player in that space and I'd be delighted to contribute.

Kind regards,


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I am a technical Writer and a web developer with over more than 3 years of experience and frequently write for journals and companies anonymously.

Together with plone I want to work on on-boarding experience for starting developers. As an end user, using Plone is straightforward and documented. However while developing add-ons, the learning curve can be steep as there are many concepts to grasp and it can be hard to know what the current best practices are.

The deliverable would include:

quickstart guides for both setting up a local instance of Plone, and for developing add-ons for Plone.
a strict focus on current technology, leaving out any confusing references to older technologies
include best practices on how to set up a development environment with the recommended setup for your editor
use (and explicitly describe) the best-practice style guide for writing code, tests, and documentation for add-ons.
how to write and run tests according to the latest methods
how and where to release your add-on so that other Plone community members can find it and start cooperating
I would like to be work on this while also if possible am also interested in 2nd Idea too.I have gone through the documentation and all about the Plone and am already an existing member of the org.I have already contributed to some issues in the org.


Hi, my name is Luyao Zhang. I am applying to work for the Plone project as a technical writer. I am a young technical writer at a large international technology company. I mainly focus on writing software help and hardware documentation for end users and service engineers at work. I have learned how to collect information for users, and communicate complex information from their perspectives. However, I want to explore the world of open source projects next to my job, because it is more fun and it gives me more freedom and more opportunities for my future career.

The reason I am applying to work for the Plone project is because, as a technical writer, I am interested in content management systems. This is not a surprise: technical writers create content, and how to manage and distribute content is a constantly interesting question for us. I also investigated content management systems for my master's thesis.

I hope that through working for the Plone community I can improve my skills to write documentation for developers. I like the project ideas provided by Plone. I can help improve the onboarding experience for developers. I have some basic knowledge of Python and Javascript. I know there are still challenges there, but I like learning and I am a fast learner.

Right now I am exploring the Plone project, and I am enjoying it! :relaxed:

Plone Documentation Guide

We started to prepare a new guide about documentation.


This is not for documentation related to Plone 5.x and older versions.

The guide is written (still WIP) for Plone 6.x and also suited for React and/or other JavaScript libraries.

This guide will include guides on various aspects such as:

  • Editorial style guide
  • Markdown style guide
  • Contributing style guide
  • Other ?

As mentioned above, the guide is not finished, yet.

The planning is to have v0.1 finished and published in time for Google's Season of Docs.

Stay tuned for more ....

Enjoy the first sneak preview:


Hello everyone! :wave:

My name is Shan! I love participating in the open source community (GitHub username is the same), and I also love creating easy to follow technical guides for users.

I've made some contributions to Plone's documentation in the past and interacted with @svx a few times on Plone's documentation repository (although it's been a while and I didn't contribute anything significant, so he may not remember :wink: ). I'm excited for Google Season of Docs and look forward to submitting my proposal soon! :smiley:

My name is Carl Collins. I am interested in contributing to plone during the upcoming GSOD. I am a software engineer knowledgeable with frontend development with React.js and backend development with Django framework. I will appretiate some guides on getting started. Thanks