Good news for pycharm users

The recent release of PyCharm (2020.2.3) includes a fix for a buildout support bug that occurred in 2019.3. Buildout support has been less common in IDEs since virtualenvs have been around for years, but it remains important in Zope/Plone. The issue here was it was unable to resolve references to packages installed through buildout scripts that update sys.path. This is working for me now.

In fact, this appears to improve the behavior from before 2019.3. Some packages like plone.api and zope.schema were notoriously difficult to resolve if imported a certain way. This seems to be improved now as well and imports like "from zope import schema" and "import plone.api" resolve as expected.

I'm otherwise a big fan of PyCharm as a great IDE for Plone so this is great to see.


Wow. That took them only... more than 3 years.

A pitty I've switched to VS code for my development work. Allthough VS code has its own challenges, especially if you still need to edit any Python2 for migrations.

The issues pre 2019.3 were annoying but workable. I don't have much experience with other IDEs, but given its relative impact on the industry I think it makes more sense for Zope/Plone to try to work with common standards than expect IDEs to work with legacy systems like zc.buildout. Ideally I'd like to have all of my python packages pip installed in a venv and use buildout just to create configs and executables. (this might be possible already, I haven't tried)

@Esoth The problem wasn't that it wasn't working, but that Jetbrains didn't remove the option or fix it, but nevertheless kept advertising buildout support as a feature.