Going to Eibar by train


  • You plan to go to the Plone conference: congrats! that's a great event

  • You do not want to go by plane because it ruins our planet: congrats! that's a great planet

  • But when looking for train connections to Eibar, you get nothing: don't worry! You can actually go to Hendaye (french basque side of the frontier) and walk :walking_man: through the frontier from Hendaye's station to Irun's station (spanish basque side of the frontier), it is just a 30 minutes walk!



You can take the regional train in Hendaye itself, the regional train has its first/last stop in Hendaye, next to the SNCF station!

See here:

On the left the regional station "EUSKOTREN - HENDAIA", on the right the SNCF station "GARE DE HENDAYE"

In any case if you walk to Irun, you need to take the regional Euskotren trains, and not Spanish RENFE trains!

More information: Travel


Oooh! So cool! I missed that, thank you, that's much easier :slight_smile:

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Coming back to this topic, as I was checking time tables on euskotren.eus, I just got this error:

It seems they use:

  • Drupal
  • SOAP

That's a lot or red flags, right?

Do you confirm we can trust this company to travel safely in Basque country? :laughing:

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We always prefer to check the bible of the Timetables, the PDF file:

Hendaia (Hendaye in french) - Donostia/San Sebastian

Donostia/San Sebastian - Eibar:

There was a timetable change last week (summer timetable was replaced by the winter timetable).

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