Glyphicon on global_sections and path_bar - howto

I wonder how "Home" in global_sections and path_bar could be replaced by a glyphicon home.

Is there a tutorial or training part for this available ?

Regards, Fritz Loseries

I don't know about tutorials. What I can say is that I looked a bit at this proposition and it does not seem trivial (well I don't have the time to investigate non trivial solutions for a problem that has no particular interest at the time for me).
You can try to add some Css to the theme, it works very well for small changes but here there are already some settings related to showing and hiding stuff according to the selection. Replacing a font based display with an image based one can be done with something like:

#portaltab-index_html a {
background: url('images/myimage.png') no-repeat;
display: inline-block;
height: 50px;
width: 70px;

but getting everything correct don't seem something you can get right in half an hour. Maybe if you are a Css artist and know really well Plone. That's not me. Good luck if you try it.