Glossy Plone logo on Github

We always had a very simple, flat Plone logo. I like simple styles.

Now I recognized that the Plone logo suddenly is glossy on github/plone.
Why that?

Of course it's subjective, but I don't like it. Looks very much like something from the 2000s.

See yourself:

That's the new Plone logo on
Screenshot from 2020-04-02 17-56-36

That's the Plone logo on
Screenshot from 2020-04-02 18-00-19

That's the Plone logo on
Screenshot from 2020-04-02 17-55-55

By the way, I noticed the Plone logo on is fuzzy (I have set my default zoom level to 120%, though):
Screenshot from 2020-04-02 18-01-29

I see no reason why it isn't the normal logo/device? lists what is allowed by default. This variant is not, by the looks of it.

Agree, the logo should not be modified there. This is not aligned with the logo guidelines. If a conference organizer or alike would do this it would be a no-go.

Someone pointed out to me that the logo in our GitHub profile had disappeared and that it was a flaky bug. After some time I checked again and it was still missing so I uploaded a logo I had. If someone wants to fix the logo, please do!

3 Likes I exported it to static HTML as part of the big AI team server sprint in August. I guess that image file came out lossier. Sorry! You guys kill me. We are doing the best we can. Very few people are helping with the AI team. No one has stepped up to help rebuild or to help fix bugs (BIG HUGE BUGS) in So when I see folks nitpicking about logos and styles and complaining to me about how long it took to fix and reenable the byline, I have to shake my head.

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Plone Foundation logo on Github is updated, with a version from our Logo Pack.


I suggest moving the SVG file to 'Web formats'. SVG is hardly used for print.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
We will take care of it.

Thanks for explaining and fixing. Just our of curiosity, @tkimnguyen where did you get this logo from? I've also heard positive voices about the change :slight_smile:
However, I don't blame anyone - I know it's a community effort.

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It was on my computer and I thought it was from the logo pack. I like the glossy look!

How would you like to help rebuild :grin:

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