Gitter Link still available on the front-end of the docs section of that needs to be removed!

I can still the widget to get into Gitter that in my opinion should be removed...

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The JavaScript widget should be replaced with a plain old HTML link styled as a button that links to

@polyester @tkimnguyen @ksuess do you know in which repo this button resides?

Searched the plone org in GitHub, is this it?


that looks right

thanks @rohnsha0 for catching that and bringing it to our attention!

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Can I add this buttons n all?

You certainly can, but unless you already have, you first need to fill out the Plone contributor agreement first, since this repo is in the official Plone GitHub org: Contributor’s Agreement for Plone Explained — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure

I'm already a contributor :wink:
Already pushed a PR... Awaiting approval!