Github is acquired by Microsoft

hum ... someone ever thought about


As long as the services are still going well, I don't see a reason. Licensing questions are not an issue.
GitHub is about sharing code and letting others easily contribute.
I love GitLab for many of it's features and very nice CI integration but on GitHub there is a big community.

But we have to watch how things are developing, e.g. regarding privacy concerns.


yes, currently I don't see any reason to switch. MS has changed a lot in the recent years, when it come to open source and communities. As long as they are keeping what they promise now, everything is fine.

sorry, but that article is full of non-sense rationale: companies are not good or bad; public companies like Microsoft are driven by the goal of giving their shareholders the best return on their investment… period.

if Microsoft is buying GitHub is because they think they can make money on it and not because they want to make the world a better place.

don't be naive about it.

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this graph shows how much Microsoft has changed over the last years:

Satya Nadella was a good choice for them; he is doing way better than Steve Ballmer.


Is and from someone of the Plone Foundation? Just curious.

Please stop immediately with your hilarious affectation.
It's the typical childish we-the-open-source-guys-are-the-good vs. anything-with-is-commercial-is-bad.

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did you actually read the article you're linking above? obviously, you didn't :smile:

OK .... I didn't want to start a "Microsoft bashing thread" here ... @hvelarde @zopyx maybe you want to start your own thread :wink:

I'm with @thet and @MrTango ... I think the Plone Foundation has to keep an eye on github's terms and conditions.

I'm not a fan of Microsoft but I try to see it positive: will definitely not die in the near future :smiley:


Really great article that explains some good points, give this a read if you're worried about the takeover.


yes, indeed, a very good, objective analysis: he made exactly the same points that I mentioned above, even using the same stock market graph :wink:

:+1: "... Keep calm and code on ..."


I myself find it quite satisfying the some of the infrastructure expenses of Plone now is payed by Microsoft. They are financing their own SharePoint competitor. :smile:


Mirroring all repositories in gitlab should be a matter of automating it once and be with it.

At the end it is git, distributed in nature :slight_smile:

But as others pointed out, Microsoft is not what it used to be, the greedy one are others now (Google, Apple, Amazon...)

Mirroring all repositories in gitlab should be a matter of automating it once and be with it.

Both seems to have only one member each, should we add more to avoid Bus factor?

I believe the concern is not about who is good or bad. But the concern is we are open-source-people promoting open-source culture, and if by any chance we are getting into the hands of the commercial competitors then we are not doing justice to our past work and to our practices.
Also, I'm pretty sure that Microsoft will always be a commercial enterprise to make profits though their roots have been jolted due to recent Open Source discourse which drove them to this talk, Linux on windows is a testament to this. Also, we never know how they can taint the notion of privacy and licensing in near future as seen in Cambridge Analytica case.
Also, another concern which I have is - what will be the reaction from Microsoft's competitors/rival against this step.

There is a local saying - "If goat and tiger become friends the ecology of forest gets imbalanced"

-- just a thought