Github board tracking Python 3 porting progress of Plone Addons

Since we are starting to upgrade our Plone projects to Python 3, @agitator and I started a public board at Github to track the Plone add-ons porting progress.

At the moment its just from our point of view and that is not enough.

Please add the add ons you use as a "note" to the list.

  • Check first if they are already in the list to avoid duplicates.
  • If there is already a branch or issue also copy the link into the note.
  • Short additional info is OK, longer information should go into the issue tracker of the add-on.

While porting add-ons please also do some house-keeping (, Travis setup, ...).
Important here: Update the troove-classifiers!


@jensens the link seems to only work when I'm logged into github. Otherwise I get a 404, is this intentional?

no, viewing should be public. I try to fix it.
[update] works now anonymous

Great, Thanks! Works.

The "Filter cards" search field above the board on github does not support partial search string. I was looking for "lazy" to find whether there is a card for "collective.lazysizes" and it was not found, even though it is in there already. Might be good to know to not create duplicate cards.

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I released last week; this new version is compatible with Plone 4.3, 5.1 and 5.2, and Pyhton 2 and 3.

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