Getting "whole_day", "open_end", and "recurrence" data on the listing block

While displaying the dates of the Events at the Listing block, I want to utilize "whole_day", "open_end", and "recurrence" information to render dates conditionally. Even though this information exists in the props of the event content type it does not show up in the Listing block.

It seems like the "getQueryStringResults" action is responsible for fetching this data for the listing block but I failed to achieve any results. Does anyone know how I can get this data to the listing block?

For anyone who is seeing this in the future and having the same problem:

I have solved this by adding "whole_day", "open_end", and "recurrence" values to the metadata section of the catalog. I have found this solution from a Discord conversation between "Katja Süss" and "pbauer" here

The advice was very helpful for me and thanks to both of them

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