Getting rid of Galleria in colllective.cover carousel tile

we are currently working on replacing Galleria, the base JS library used on the carousel tile, with Cycle2.

djowett has put a lot of effort on this trying to maintain compatibility but I'm not pretty sure about it; I want to kill Galleria on the next release because the code is becoming to complex and I don't want to have to maintain in.

what does this mean for you? if you are using collective.cover and have customized the carousel tile in some way, you will have to work on it again before you upgrade.

if you have no customizations, we will give you a smooth upgrade requiring you only to manually uninstall collective.js.galleria.

please come to GitHub and participate on the discussion: should we just get rid of Galleria or should we maintain compatibility at least for one release? what's the best way to accomplish it?


FYI Foundation - the popular front-end framework - recently
depreciated their carousel:


yes, I know, carousels suck... but we're still young and we need the money :wink:

based on the feedback I have until now, I have decide to completely remove the code to keep Galleria compatibility on the Carousel tile for next release.

anyway, I have opened a new pull request with the work of djowett in case someone decides to work on that.

I'm available to discuss the best way to implement this in order to avoid breaking something, but I'm not going to dedicate any effort of my own on that.

feel free to contribute in case you care:

in case no work is done before the next release, which will take place as soon as we finish the work on a couple of issues, I will close that pull request.

my goal is to have the new release before the end of the month.


Thanks for URLs

Personally, providing they're mindfully implemented ( ), I have nothing against carousels. For photo galleries, where it's not crucial the user views images, it's a quick and easy interaction that makes a lot of sense.


As I understand it, Foundation deprecated their Carousel not because of usability, but because there were a lot of other easily integrated good offerings out there & I guess they found it a big overhead to keep up. Having worked with Orbit & Cycle2 I prefer the later.

Hey @djowett,

Yep, that's pretty much what it says at the end of the original link I
posted (


@hvelarde then made this thread this about usability :slight_smile: