Getting error while setting up local development environment for plone

I am getting error while setting up the local development environment for plone. i am following the steps from this. i get erro like this when i run ../plone42devpy/bin/python this command.
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'setuptools==0.6c11'.

Is there a reason to install 4.3? Otherwise go to to set up 5.1.x

The document tells you to clone branch 4.2. But that branch has not been touched in a long while. If you really want Plone 4 still, try the 4.3 branch (git checkout 4.3 should do it).

But indeed: unless you have a good reason, starting with 5.1 would be better.

thanks , @mikemets and @mauritsvanrees. i got the details of the issue that it was for plone 4.2 . whn i tried with 5.1 it was successful. once again thanks a lot.